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Our Mission

868Change is a members organisation comprised of social investors maximizing the impact of their community by directing resources towards innovative solutions for a vibrant and healthy Trinidad and Tobago.
We evoke a sense of purpose-driven participation, necessary to honestly look at the problems that affect us and support authentic solutions. We are a movement of strategic social investors who have an urge to support ideas worth doing.

“We are re-thinkers and disruptors.”

Upcoming Projects


TEDxPortofSpain is a local, independently organized TEDx event in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, that strives to re-create the unique experience found at TED. At its core, the fundamental goal is to foster “ideas worth spreading”. Our aim is to provide a platform where thinkers and change makers co-inspire to question the way we think.

Creative Social Innovation

Through creative ideas, we can change the flow of resources & social relationships within a system and challenge the existing paradigm. We catalyze uncommon approaches to generating social innovation by leveraging citizens knowledge, resources and expertise. We will help to create a community of social innovators. We believe that social change and development occur when the collective is inspired and involved in action. As the go to social investment broker, we offer citizens a way to invest in the future of our country by supporting social innovators ideas and projects that matter.

We act as a strategic steward for citizens who would like to invest in our future.

Strategic social investing is long-term, intentional and impact oriented. We invest in high-impact projects that serve the needs of the community and our country. Social investors make a monthly contribution of their choosing to 868Change and we transform their dollars into social impact. 868Change uses these investments to support curated innovative projects through grants and long-term funding opportunities.